Sweet and Savory, our churros are the best from Montreal.

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What are Churros?

The irresistibly sweet and crispy snack, churro (pronounced: “CHEU-ro”) is a deep-fried pastry treat in the form of sticks, curls or spirals. Churros are a bit like doughnuts, though they are more crispy. The dough stripes get their characteristic shape because the dough is piped straight into the hot oil via a container or piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle

How to eat churros?

Sometimes the strands are first rolled in cinnamon sugar, sometimes they are served with thick, hot drinking chocolate, or both.

But here in Dulce Company Montreal, we have plenty of combination ready for you to enjoy it

If the combinations that we have isn’t for you ,you can make your combination with the ingredients that we offer you

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